State of the industry: Business aviation in 2024

The Climate Revolution, Supply Chain, Zero -Based Thinking, Second Order Effects, Industry Consolidation, Sustainability.

State of the industry: Business aviation in 2024

16 Apr 2024

Each year the challenges facing business aviation seem to increase and can feel unrelenting; we must learn to see every challenge as an  opportunity for the industry to demonstrate its versatility, ingenuity, and good humour in the face of adversity.

Business aviation is an incubator for innovation, a time machine for businesses, a lifesaver for remote communities, and tool of governments. The industry adapts and transforms depending on who needs it and what it is to be used for; this is the nature and beauty of business aviation.

As the world is transforming, it is the duty of business aviation to remain relevant and fly its own path while ensuring it meets its goals on the road to net zero. Business aviation cannot do it alone – we must align with commercial aerospace and energy industries while making sure our unique nature is valued and its benefits seen. This will require a coordinated voice – a challenge in itself.

So at a time that everything, everywhere is happening all at once, Martyn Fiddler Aviation recommend becoming part of this unstoppable movement and adopting a flexible mindset. Business aviation must find its voice and, big or small, we can all be a part if this.


State of the industry – Business aviation in 2024

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