Martyn Fiddler are excited to attend the BBGA House of Commons Reception

Martyn Fiddler are excited to attend the BBGA House of Commons Reception

09 Jul 2024

Heather Gordon, Legal Director at Martyn Fiddler and board member of the BBGA will be accompanied by Angie Deady-Fiddler (Customs Director) and Greta Kemper (Tax Director) to attend the BBGA House of Commons Summer Networking Event on 24 July at the Terrace Pavilion, London.

The reception promises to bring together BBGA members and business colleagues from overseas who have gathered at Farnborough for the Air Show.

The event will provide an opportunity to meet with Ministers, MPs and other Government officials who support and help the BBGA in its endeavour to make General Aviation work for the economy of the UK and Europe.

Heather Gordon comments:

“The House of Commons reception is always a fascinating event. The recent change in Government will make it even more exciting – spotting politicians running around the building, taking a tour of Commons and the Lords, and soaking in the history of the building. Being able to do this on your own is one thing, however, getting to do this with friends and colleagues is even better. It says a lot about the influence of the BBGA on British politics that year on year, and no matter the party in power, they are able to host this amazing event right on the banks of the Thames.“

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